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Based in Dubai, Trinity Star (TST) was founded in the year 2010, and incorporated in February 2011 with the vision of developing a greener and more sustainable environment for its clients and for the future generations to come. Dedicated to the cause of integrating advanced technology in the fields of energy, water, and waste; TST brings out products that define benchmarks.

Our main priority is to dynamically contribute to a sustainable, ecologically safe, and protected environment by providing eco-energy solutions. To TST, this means meeting the needs of society as a whole, whilst respecting and being concerned about the ability of the future generations to live in a better, safer and eco-friendly environment. The flexibility of our organization permits this change to be realized with ease and comfort, whereby providing a people-friendly atmosphere with enormous potential for meaningful growth.

Our mission is to conserve the unnecessarily wasted energy and provide our clients with safer, more reliable, more efficient, and environmentally friendly energy saving solutions and products thereby maximize savings on energy bills as well as being mindful of the needs of future generations.

We primarily conduct a thorough survey on the existing premises of the client and identify the current state of consumption of energy. After carefully analyzing the data we provide a comprehensive Analytical Report. Alongside, we provide our solutions and show the different ways on how to drastically cut down on the consumption and be able to avoid revenue drain on the company.

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Unique Maritime Group
I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary services provided by Trinity Star Eco Energy Solutions
Pacific Owners Association Management Services
I thank you for your company`s excellent services and for your professional attitude and partnership
Al Durrah Tower Real Estate
After switching traditional lighting to energy saving equipment provided by Trinity Star we have exp
Emerald Facilities Management
"We have worked with Trinity Star Eco Energy Solutions for over three years now and are delight


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