Air to Water Generators

An atmospheric water generator (AWG) is an art of engineering; it is a device that will help us control our future by reducing our need to rely on natural resources. Trinity Star water generators make drinking water from humidity in the air.
The operational process is very simple, yet sophisticated: water vapor in the air is condensed by cooling the air below its dew point, exposing the air to desiccants, or pressurizing the air. The water is then filtered and purified through several filters including carbon, and reverse osmosis, and UV sterilization lights.
Some of the AWG Benefits: 

1. Purity of water - You can have the purest water on the planet at your fingertips. None of the pollutants found in ground or tap water, no microbiological viruses and bacteria as found in water coolers, no plastic emitted chemicals from bottles.
2. Ease of operation - No external plumbing is needed, just plug and play, making sure there is provision of electricity and air. Trinity Star AWG can be operated by solar power as well.
3.  Cleaner Environment  – Trinity Star AWGs clean and dehumidify the air you breathe, eliminate plastic bottles that pollute the waterways and require large amounts of fuel to manufacture and transport all those bottles.
4. Cost Savings – Why continue buying those polluting bottles when you can generate your own water and never pay for drinking water again. Moreover, its thermo electric engine runs on less power than conventional compressors, eventually resulting in reduced electricity consumption. 
5. Convenience - No bottles to store or lift, or recycle or pollute. No delivery people interfering with your daily routines; no more coolers to clean or refill. 
As water shortages persist around the world, Trinity Star AWGs provide effective water solutions and can extract more water vapor in varied climates than most air to water devices worldwide. Be it your home, office, factory,hospital, school, restaurant or hotel, our engineering team can customize the product as per your daily water consumption requirement.
To find out more about different types of AWG that we offer kindly proceed to the products gallery below. 

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