Energy Management

A combination of Advanced Smart Metering & Real-Time Energy Displays show you exactly what is happen
One of the biggest problems faced by a consumer is the specific knowledge of what his organization is consuming in terms of Energy. The information of the energy consumed reaches the consumer after 40 days of consumption VIA the Electricity Bill, and this back dated data cannot be used to rectify any error since it is data of the past. Our Real time Energy Monitors helps Identify areas of concern, leaks can be identified, and machinery malfunctions which occur due to overload or sudden inrush can be immediately identified as it happens and rectification of error can be done with immediate effect. It also has the capacity to demonstrate the effectiveness of any energy saving strategies that have been applied. Real Time Monitoring alone can result in over 40% of the overall savings of an organization.
Key Benefits
  • Built in Warning Systems.
  • Graphic display of pattern of consumption.
  • Alarms can be set if certain parameters are breached.
  • Display of Alternate Values can be set.
  • Leaks and energy spikes reported on immediate basis.

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