Waste to Gas & Gas to Energy

Waste to Energy – Solution for Tomorrow’s Energy
In a growing world, where the conventional forms of energy are fast moving towards extinction as well as are contributing generously to global concerns like the greenhouse effects and global warming, the need to innovate and employ alternate or unconventional energy sources has become crucial for the existence of a future.
Waste-to-Energy, also widely recognized by its acronym WtE is the generation of energy in the form of heat or electricity from waste. Using developing technology, these various methods aim to compress and dispose waste, while attempting the generation of energy from them.
Waste to Gas, Gas to Energy is one of the methods that we at Trinity Star employ for waste to energy generation. Gasifiers operate at 3,000-4,000°F, using a thermo-chemical conversion process that does not include enough oxygen for the materials to burn. Instead the materials are broken down at the molecular level and then reformed into reusable products. Our technology does not produce toxic or waste bi-products. Additionally, incineration produces high-levels of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides (SOx), and nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are harmful to the environment. Our gasification technology does not
Why Should We Gasify Waste?
Our gasification process is the best solution for waste conversion. Not only can our technology convert 30,000 tons of waste per day in a single unit, its also versatile and profitable. Additionally, it has a dramatically lower carbon footprint and can be used to create green energy and transportation fuels. In contrast to landfills, which produce enormous amounts of greenhouse gases, leach contaminants into soil and water supplies, and continue to multiply due to increased waste streams. Every ton of waste that is gasified saves the world from the equivalent of more than two tons of greenhouse gases that would be produced in a landfill.
Waste to energy or energy from waste, is a conscious attempt to equalize the patterns of our planet and save our ecological cycles. The energy generation from these technologies is at a small scale right now and their employment for domestic and industrial use is sparse, however they are seen as the emerging solutions for tomorrow, that are set to affect the world immensely.

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